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“Heather Hans channels in pure divine loving energy
to help you heal your life and fulfill your dreams.”

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Heart of Self-Love “This lovely book will give you guidance and inspiration as you undertake the most important task of love: loving yourself. Read it and be encouraged. Read it and take heart!”—Daphne Rose Kingma, Author of When You Think You’re Not Enough: The Four Life-Changing Steps to Loving Yourself and The Future of Love  

“‘The essence of God and life is love. Love is our nature. From love we come and to love we return.’ Life’s journey is to help discover our Soulful Purpose and become our unique expression of Divine Love. Heather Hans knows what it takes to experience extraordinary love, and her book, The Heart of Self-Love, is for anyone who has struggled with self-worth and is ready to come into their power as the confident leader of their life.”—Norman Wolfe, author of The Living Organization: Transforming Business To Create Extraordinary Results  

“The Heart of Self Love is a must-read for anyone seeking practical tools for developing a concrete form of inner guidance by which to pursue their dreams. Astute psychotherapist, Heather Hans, shares the foundational principles we all need in order to access our highest potential, while living a joy-filled life in the process. Written in a manner that speaks to a modern world, this book illuminates the foundational principles needed to reconnect to our inner power and higher self. A quintessential road map to accessing the brilliance we already possess, healer and visionary, Heather Hans, fuses higher thought with real-world application.”—Susan Winter, Best-Selling Author/Relationship Expert