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  • An Interview with Heather Hans on The Heart of Self-Love
  • Inspire!
  • Why Bad Things Happen
  • You Are A Masterpiece

I appreciate Heather Hans’ thoughtfulness and good cheer!

~Secretary Hillary Clinton


Heart of Self-Love The Heart of Self-Love has brought readers peace and provides an ingredient list for people to make sense of life and be happy. Find out more

Radiate with Self-love and Self-confidence

Lack of self-love is the root of suffering.
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Heather Hans

Heather Hans 2015

Learning how to embody one’s greatness is the single biggest act individuals and organizations can take to heal, have fruitful relationships, and fulfill their missions. Born, trained, licensed and experienced spiritual teacher and holistic healer, Heather Hans, LCSW, MSW, MBA, CPIC, lights the way. Heather's Bio

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