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Dr. Heather Hans is on a mission to create a holistically healthy and high-functioning society so that people can enjoy their lives and maximize their contribution to the world. She spends her days thinking about human energy and interactions, and how they can be elevated through wellbeing and positive creativity.

As a reliable and highly compassionate empath, she has been called a “woman of the people” and can read people and situations to accommodate the needs of her audience and build trust. She helps them find their hidden authentic gifts through the credible pathways of emotions, dreams, and intuitions, and delivers a unique, interactive experience using her interdisciplinary background and holistic approach.

She is open-minded yet discerning, strategic, and targeted. Her research-backed method of combining visualization and improvisation helps her audience learn how to bring their ideas and aspirations into concrete physical form. She delves deep into their psyche and can determine the essential truth of a situation with directness, humor, and finesse, leaving them with profound new awareness and the knowledge to conquer whatever obstacles are in their way.

No matter one’s fears or doubts, goals can be reached for those willing to apply the techniques that Dr. Hans offers. Improvements often mean learning, making time, implementing new habits, honing skills, and coming up with resources, and there is no bypass to success and enlightenment. However, Dr. Hans’ passion, humor, and methods make work feel more like play. She is a master of turning pain into power, providing clarity, and offering practical and intelligent solutions.

Each presentation is tailored to the specific needs of her audience to improve their wellbeing and achieve standards of excellence. She has presented for corporations, universities, associations, civic organizations, public ticketed events, and on television.

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"Dr. Hans has everything you could ask for in a speaker: a riveting performance, an impactful message that transforms, an ability to captivate the audience with her message through story and a warm, heartfelt demeanor. A psychotherapist who clearly understands human behavior, holistic healer, best selling author and top social media influencer, Dr. Hans is a trusted thought leader in the self-help space. Audiences of all types can trust her credibility and feel inspired by her passion to empower people to become their best selves. Dr. Hans' message of self-love is transformative, entertaining and one that you will never forget!" Alaina Schwartz, JD, Speaker, Transformational Mindset and Business Coach

"She will capture your attention from the first few words that will have you hanging on every step of the way.  You will laugh, cry and cheer. In the end, you will find inspiration and hope in being able to achieve what you want in spite of the obstacles that may be standing in your way. If you need a speaker that will impact your group in a powerful way, Dr. Hans is for you." - Peter Brissette, President, North Suburban Sales Pros

“Dr. Hans possesses a litany of personal and intellectual qualities to provide others with viable and beneficial pathways to reach their greatest potential." -Darran Blake, Senior Vice President UBS, TOP 50 Entrepreneurs” Business Leader Magazine

"Dr. Hans gave a wonderful presentation on burnout. I learned a lot and was impressed with the quality and delivery of her information." Larisa Pfeiffer, College of Southern Maryland Chief of Staff, President of ACCT Professional Board Staff Network

"Dr. Hans is a trusted thought leader who helped us to begin a path to abandon our old stories and go for our dreams." -Benita Dunkin, PBSN President

"Dr. Hans' talk entitled 'Turn Your Troubles into Triumph' was quite enlightening. Opening her talk with a take on her young personal life, she turned her early troubles, a serious life challenge, into a positive changing transition that makes her what she is today. A model for anyone who is going through a rough spot in life and be able to develop self-love and respect to face life in a positive way. Dr. Hans conveys a humble but very strong sense of herself and connects with the audience in a very empathic way. Although she could be effective in all audiences, I believe she could be most effective in influencing the younger generation, who in various ways are struggling to find their ways in their own world. She is a very effective speaker." -Ernesto A. Amaranto, M.D.

"Dr. Hans had us riveted to her presentation. She is from the heart and is not only a very good speaker, but an exceptional communicator. She reminded us that we may never know the impact our actions have on another individual's life." -David Fisher, Director of BOLC“

"Dr. Hans has such a way of disseminating positive, creative, motivational ideas. I detect a high level of empathetic genius in her.” -Matty Cipov, Art Teacher

“Dr. Hans is a master space holder for people in pain.” -Michael Neeley, Host of Consciously Speaking

“Dr. Hans is so full of important wisdom. Schools should hire her.” –Tod Chungy

“Dr. Hans solved the puzzle of happiness for me.” –S. Vasudeva Murthy









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