About Dr. Hans

TV wellness expert and psychotherapist Dr. Heather Hans quickly engages people with her warmth and style. A playful and expressive transformational speaker, she wins over her audience and helps them dream big and triumph against adversity. An ultramarathon runner and speaker on topics of wellness and achieving excellence, Dr. Hans has appeared repeatedly on FOX 5 New York, Boston 25, and over one hundred times on 9NEWS Denver, as well as featured in ForbesFast Company, and PopSugar. Skillful at reading situations and understanding dynamics of the psyche and relationships, she developed an original, interactive model to help people realize their full potential. Her Ph.D. is in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in ethical & creative leadership, and she owns a private practice as a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist certified in anxiety treatment, holistic healing, and intuitive coaching. She is the author of The Heart of Self-Love, as well as an e-book and anxiety e-course. Dr. Hans began her dynamic career as a CPA in the corporate world and a university professor after earning her MBA, and she is a mother to a son preparing for college. Learn more at HeatherHans.com or by following @HeatherHansTV on Instagram.