(The research-backed way to permanently change the anxious brain)

  • Want to learn how to overcome anxiety, without prescriptions?

  • Seeking long-lasting relief from intrusive thoughts and excessive worry?

  • Exhausted from overanalysis, overgiving, or perfectionism?

  • Lacking confidence in yourself, others, and life itself?

  • Wish you could create more positive relationships that bring you love, money, health, and growth?


    Profitable relationships come from valuable and positive connections with others, and bring:

    • Love

    • Money

    • Health

    • Growth

Learn effective techniques to master anxiety and create profitable relationships from psychotherapist and trusted thought leader, Heather Hans.

Your life is a result of your beliefs so let's change them for the better!

 -Heather Hans

  • Are you challenged by triggers that keep you feeling stuck in worry?

  • How do you want to feel instead?

  • Why not learn how to permanently snap out of the endless cycle of anxiety?

Client Success Stories

Knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful. Heather provides so many tools to help navigate my anxiety.


I am so thankful for the tools Heather taught me to help me grow and feel more confident. I feel as though I did a 180-degree turn with my life since learning from Heather. Her credentials were exactly what I needed to get through the tough circumstances in my life. I am very thankful for her.


Heather's methods and insights helped me thrive and see my self-worth. I got incredibly lucky - I am 41 years old and I have never felt this way! I feel like I’m living my life the way I want to!


Meet Your Expert

Heather Hans is ready to help you change your life. A charismatic licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, certified clinical anxiety treatment professional, holistic intuitive coach, MBA, and doctoral student, Heather assists people in changing where they feel stuck and successfully achieving their goals. A trusted thought leader, she is a regular TV expert guest and Amazon International #1 Bestselling Author. She has been featured by PopSugar, Forbes, and Fast Company.

With a dynamic background as a Certified Public Accountant and college professor, Heather transformed her own life first during difficult early years, and knows first-hand what it takes to abandon your old story and instead live your best life. Her private practice is based in Colorado, where she uses both traditional / clinical and holistic / intuitive skillsets. 

Are you ready to embrace the excitement and joy of taking control of your anxiety?

Do you want to finally break through to a new level of more positive and profitable relationships?

In this course, you will go through a powerful transformation from anxious to confident.

Here is the breakdown of what you’ll learn:

Module 1

Understanding Anxiety



Module 2




Module 3

Research-Based Techniques to Change the Anxious Brain


Module 4

How to Become Confident by Reducing your Anxiety


Module 5

Readiness - It’s Showtime and You Got This


At the end of each module, you’ll get a simple worksheet to complete, to help you implement the techniques.

  • This course is going to take you through a powerful, long-lasting transformation if YOU are ready to change!

  • I am going to give you the tools you need to work past the crippling hand that ANXIETY can have over your life and relationships.

  • Imagine not feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and instead having a life full of joy and excitement, where you can easily recognize and REPROGRAM anxious thoughts.

  • Complete this course and you will become self-masterful, positive, and attract PROFITABLE relationships.

I am going to teach you techniques that you can implement to bring awareness to the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and master the way you respond.

Now it’s time to have confidence in yourself and commit to changing your psychology.

The information in this course is worth thousands of dollars and years of time, but I'm selling it for just $249 and condensed it for you to learn quickly!