Heather provides a limited number of psychotherapeutic healing sessions for children, adults, and families around the world via phone or Skype. These sessions guide the client towards greater self-awareness and self-acceptance so that they can reach their goals and cease self-sabotaging behavior patterns. Because a person’s degree of life success is based upon their self-worth, Heather works with clients to restore confidence, positive feelings, and self-respect. Additionally, she provides concrete tools to help people get their lives organized and functioning well.

Numerous research studies have shown that the main benefit of successful psychotherapy is caused by the magic of the relationship developed over time between the client and therapist, more so than the content discussed or techniques used during therapy. Heather’s ability to deeply empathize and connect with others is one of her strongest skills and talents. Her compassion & nurturance, as well as her personal life experiences give her the ability to mend the hearts of those with whom she works. Once this healing takes place, people are able to have improved relationships, greater physical health, coping skills for difficult situations, and confidence & motivation to reach their goals.

Psychotherapy is most effective over multiple sessions during which time a relationship may be formed between therapist and client.

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“My life has been made much clearer and more energized due to the right & perfect tools that Heather has provided for me to utilize in all areas of my life.”  ~ Kathy Cultice, Unity Church Chaplain, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Heather Hans is a unique practitioner who has the great gift of integrity and a loving heart. I would entrust my most precious friend into her skilled and tender care.” ~ Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

“From our work together, I understand and am more comfortable with myself and my nature as a whole. I am beginning to give serious thought to the idea of using my strengths to perhaps branch out as an entrepreneur and continue to seek my own truth and enjoyment in life through Taoism and present mindfulness.” ~ Confidential Psychotherapy Client, Boulder, CO

“I have never been able to open up to anybody the way I do with you. This is blowing me away.” ~ Confidential Psychotherapy Client, Denver, CO

“Your eye contact is amazing and no one has ever listened to me as attentively as you.” ~ Confidential Psychotherapy Client, Boulder, CO