Synchronicity Is God Winking

[youtube][/youtube] There are always bumps in the road of life, but long-lasting fulfillment is found by those who do their spiritual and psychological work. The more gratitude and awareness you show the Divine, the more love and...

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Two Healthy People Equals One Healthy Relationship

[youtube][/youtube] A relationship can only be as healthy & loving as the people in it. I would like for you to have a rich, rewarding relationship life, and in order to have that, you must have healthy boundaries. Watch this week’s...

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What’s Your Personality?

[youtube][/youtube] We all have our own strengths and potential pitfalls. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power,” and I encourage you to empower yourself by doing some self-study on your personality with the help of this video.

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A Word For Your Inner Defeatist

[youtube][/youtube] Do these defeatist words sound familiar to you? Thinking in absolutes like always & never makes you depressed! It limits your perspective and makes you less flexible and able to adapt. Maybe it’s time to thank your...

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Now Is The Time

[youtube][/youtube] There’s no such thing as the future, spiritually speaking. Life is a moment in time. That moment is now! You think that reality is what you see and hear around you, but what you see and hear around you are results of...

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Down With the Victim Games

[youtube][/youtube] Special Report! The main source of human trauma is reported to be the Victim Triangle. Is there a role you find yourself starring in? Remember, that choice is yours to make.

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