Your Power & Riches Are Within You

[youtube][/youtube] Heather recounts an ancient Chinese story to implore viewers with the question, “what makes me truly happy?”

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Rules To Remember

[youtube][/youtube] So as not to ruin the punchline in this week’s video, I will keep my words brief. Just remember, good leaders are good followers and good followers are good leaders. Like everything in life, both sides are needed for...

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Advice For People Who Think Too Much

[youtube][/youtube] I’ve practiced and been around meditation my whole life. Here’s something you may not know about meditation. You’ll have more success if you don’t criticize your brain for thinking so much. Thinking is it’s job! Relax,...

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The Hero’s Journey

[youtube][/youtube] There’s a hero in you. Someone who continues to strive to make sense of the human condition and YOUR condition especially. You triumph not because outer circumstances change, but because you do your best to make the most...

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Almighty Will

[youtube][/youtube] Despite the endless amount of growth & learning we can do to become our fullest selves, we are limited. We are human beings in human bodies with human tendencies. So as a self-help guru, I tell you in all honesty...

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[youtube][/youtube] People want more. More money, more love, more health, more friends, the list goes on. But in order to receive more, there must be room for more to enter! Allowing yourself to receive is an act of faith. The bigger your...

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