Heather Hans Introduction

A mission, a vision, a worldwide sensation. Watch as Heather tackles the hard questions and breathes new life into what it means to be a worldwide healer in the digital age.

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Heather Hans Trailer

Heather arrives in dramatic fashion on the big screen this week as she attempts to grasp an even greater audience across the West Coast with her unique & inspirational teaching style. Watch as she highlights the best moments of the...

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Lowly Worm Inspiration

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be caught in the monotony of everyday life, but here’s a reminder that while we’re still on earth, we’ve got a dance to do!

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Motivation for the Hard Days

Some days life can feel daunting & you may want to give up. I understand what you’re feeling but I promise you there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Here’s some motivation to power through those hard days courtesy of yours...

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Magic of Melancholy & Depression

Balance is the key to wellness. Learn how solving complex problems and creating masterpiece works of art can all be explained through the art of harmonization.

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Thought Determines Success

Did you know that most physical problems stem from a weakening thought? Watch here as Heather discloses the impact your thinking is actually having on your physical body!

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