Only the Ignorant Blame

[youtube][/youtube] Blaming the world & other people for your problems doesn’t create healing, it only provides temporary relief. Begin to view your struggles as a gift, here to teach you something, by watching here:

One Thing You Must Learn

[youtube][/youtube] From the minute we’re born into this world, we’re in relationships. Our participation in these relationships is just as important & impactful as what we do for ourselves. Watch here to learn the one relationship tip...

Humility is the Beginning of Wisdom

[youtube][/youtube] What does it mean to be humble? Being humble isn’t about thinking little of yourself, I wrote a book on self-love after all! Humility shows that you’re aware that you’re a human being with limitations! Learn more about...

Your Power & Riches Are Within You

[youtube][/youtube] Heather recounts an ancient Chinese story to implore viewers with the question, “what makes me truly happy?”

Rules To Remember

[youtube][/youtube] So as not to ruin the punchline in this week’s video, I will keep my words brief. Just remember, good leaders are good followers and good followers are good leaders. Like everything in life, both sides are needed for...
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