Thought Determines Success

Did you know that most physical problems stem from a weakening thought? Watch here as Heather discloses the impact your thinking is actually having on your physical...

Men Loving Men

[youtube][/youtube] Ingenious innovations are human rights oriented because they benefit society as a whole. By using empathy and a human rights attitude on how to live life, we can solve problems, reach personal & professional goals...

Marriage Guaranteed for Success

[youtube][/youtube] Join me as I take my vows to continuously bring inspiration & delight to all on Earth!

Born Gay #Inspiration

[youtube][/youtube] The sooner we embrace the rainbow that is life, the sooner we can co-exist in harmony & respect! Learn how to create happiness with what you’ve got in front of you by watching here:

The Relationship Honeymoon Period

[youtube][/youtube] Any type of new situation or idea can have a honeymoon period. More importantly, it’s crucial to realize that, just like a drug, it’s a temporary high. Learn the essential do’s & don’ts of the relationship honeymoon...
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