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nsa_member_logo3[1]Heather was given a school assignment when she was eight-years-old to draw a picture of what she wanted to do for a living when she grew up and she drew herself on stage speaking to people and making them happy. Today, she produces videos and speaks professionally with the mission of teaching people how to excel, build rich relationships, and radiate with confidence. Audience members most frequently comment on Heather’s sincerity, and her speeches have been described as “uplifting” and “life-changing.”

Benefits of Heather’s speaking engagements include:

  • Increased confidence and passion for one’s work
  • Greater individual well-being, leading to greater organizational and societal well-being
  • Improved business and personal relationships
  • Concrete tools for achieving success
  • Laughter and good time!


Heather’s YouTube channel, offers a sampling of her videos. She also provides custom-made videos for individuals and organizations on topics aligned with her mission.  Prices start at $750.

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Examples of live speeches that Heather provides are listed below.  This list is only a sample of the numerous talks that Heather offers.  Additionally, she is available to give custom talks on topics requested by a particular group or tailored to a particular theme.

1.       The Heart of Self-Love – How to Radiate with Confidence

Sample How to Radiate with Confidence


  • The nature of the soul (in plain English and regardless of spiritual beliefs/disbeliefs)
  • Top 10 tips to have a healthy body and lifestyle
  • Basics of creating satisfying relationships
  • Why ignorance is NOT bliss
  • How your standards determine what you receive in life
  • Top 5 ways to have a healthy mind
  • How to connect with something greater than yourself
  • How to incorporate more humor & creative expression in life
  • Why work & giving make or break happiness
  • Pleasure principles

2.       The Secret of Making Miracles in Business and in Life – How to Achieve Impossible Dreams 

Sample The Secret of Making Miracles


  • How to uncover and embrace your BIG dreams
  • Why fulfilling your dreams is necessary for yourself and the world
  • To change your mindset from impossible to possible to expectant
  • How to gain the perfect support & guidance
  • Why a business mind is essential in personal life, as well as work life
  • How to set goals, timelines, and a healthy work ethic
  • The art of receiving
  • To use your success to build on future successes and even bigger dreams

3.       The Power of the Psychotherapy – How Psychodynamic Therapy Heals the Pain of the Past 

Sample The Power of Psychotherapy


  • One of the primary producers of happiness and well-being
  • What psychotherapy is and what happens during a session
  • How businesses can benefit from psychotherapy and a new way of looking at office dynamics
  • The history and origins of psychology as the study of the soul
  • How a psychotherapist differs from family, friends, and other counselors
  • What makes a good therapist
  • The main reason people heal from therapy (it’s not what you think!)
  • Benefits and effectiveness of psychotherapy
  • A case study

4.       Discover Your Soul’s Mission – How to Love Your Work and Have it Love You

Sample Discover Your Soul's Mission


  • Why your work is the reason for your existence
  • An overview of soul and personality typing systems to put your strengths to use
  • How to bring enthusiasm to your work and attract reward and recognition
  • How to be the best at what you do
  • How to advance your career and increase your ambition
  • To understand the soul of your organization
  • How to create a custom career from scratch

5.       Build Strong Bonds and Influence People – Secrets to Generating Prosperous Relationships 

Sample Build Bonds and Influence People


  • Why everything in life and work is about relationships
  • The secret ingredients of love and money
  • How attachment patterns form during infancy
  • Different personality types and what makes people tick
  • How to build rewarding relationships
  • Successful communication  guidelines
  • How to stay empowered in relationships
  • Conflict solutions
  • How self-worth is a love & money magnet

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"Heather Hans is a confident and excellent presenter."  ~ June Twinam, Owner, J.H. Twinam and Associates, Former Director of Planning at Rose Medical Center

“THANK YOU for everything you did to make this event a huge success! We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and we were very impressed with you and your leadership style.”  ~ Alice Grigg

“I must tell you that the Healing through Humor workshop was fantastic! You are such a wonderful facilitator, professional and compassionate, intelligent and comforting!”  ~ Erin Hume

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop today. All of your special touches were over the top!” ~ First-Class Love Workshop Participant

“I’ve watched most of your videos on YouTube this past week, after reading your book. You are such a breath of fresh air, not only the angelic messages you give, I love your kookiness!” ~ Melissa Galindo

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