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{tuesday tips} M.O.M.s Thrive by

M.O.M. - Masters of Multitasking I’d like to introduce you to Heather Hans, a mystical healer, spiritual teacher, and host/creator of HeatherHansTV, a revolutionary new show bringing health and healing to its viewers.  A former tax accountant with a CPA and MBA,...

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The Ultimate Gift

Miss Millennia Magazine What do you think is the biggest gift, the ultimate gift, you can give another human being?  Any human being, no matter who they are to you.  This applies to parents, children, lovers, acquaintances, and coworkers.  What is the biggest gift you...

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Polished by Brandi Minter  Ask yourself: How can I affect change in the world?  How can I bring value to someone else's life?  What talents, gifts, and passions do I have to offer?  Am I ready to step it up? If you have an answer to any of these questions look no...

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Life Lessons: Heather Hans

Good Enough Mother by Ella Rucker Are you happy at the moment? In some ways, yes, in other ways, no.  I am extraordinarily grateful for all of the gifts in my life, and the gift of life itself.  And, there are many things that pain me in my life and in the world at...

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Single Mom Stress Buster

Rich $ingle Momma  Laugh! Remember that comedy is the flip side of tragedy. The two are closer to the same thing than you may think. Not only does every cloud have a silver lining, but it has a hilarious side, as well. Nothing challenges our faith as much as seeming...

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Helping someone off the ledge

HeartPreneur For Heather Hans, one of her happiest moments was with a client she had who was nearly suicidal and constantly dwelling on the past whom she helped discover his strengths, gifts and talents, as well as provide him with the connection he needed to go out...

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