What’s Your Personality?

We all love em’. We all hate em’. We all got em’. What’s your personality? When you honor your strengths you feel less judgmental towards yourself and other people. Truth is, we can’t group personality traits into right, wrong, good and bad because what bothers you...

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A Word For Your Inner Defeatist

Do these defeatist words sound familiar to you?   Things are always gonna end up badly. I’m always gonna be broke. People always end up disappointing me. I’m always gonna live here. I’m always gonna struggle with this habit. It’s always gonna be one health...

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Now Is The Time

There’s no such thing as the future, spiritually speaking. Life is a moment in time. That moment is now! How long would it take you to get across the world if the world were the size of a grapefruit to you? Time would mean something very different than it does now....

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Down With the Victim Games

This just in! The main source of human drama is reported to be the Victim Triangle. The triangle consists of: A: The Classic Victim B: The Perpetrator C: The Rescuer At any given time, you can see yourself and those around you starring in one of these 3 roles. The...

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Positive thoughts. Negative thoughts. Healthy habits. Unhealthy habits. Feelings. Emotions. Beliefs. Practices. Expectations. Intuition. Laughter. Faith. Trust. Love. Momentum. It’s what’s for power. Wherever you place your focus gains momentum. “Something in motion...

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What’s Your Vibe?

What’s your vibe? Quantum physics shows us that nothing is actually solid. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell is a vibrational being; including yourself. Dr. Emoto made visible the power of loving vibrations when he showed that ice crystals form in a...

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