Advice For People Who Think Too Much

Tip 1 for people who think too much: Stop saying you think too much! My parents met in a 1970’s meditation ashram and I have practiced and been around meditation my whole life. I reduced my heart rate by the maximum level shown by a device that measures blood pressure...

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The Hero’s Journey

Your pain is exactly what you need to become a hero. You see, without conflict and a burning desire for something better, there can be no transformation. And without transformation, there can be no hero. A hero is a hero because they have triumphed! You have the inner...

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Almighty Will

Sometimes God blesses you by solving your problems. Other times, God blesses you by giving problems to overcome. I was born into a spiritual community and I’ve spent my whole life as a spiritual student, including a period of atheism. I’ve been blessed beyond many...

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Union with the Divine, union with yourself and union with a lover happens when you’re not resisting. Union is what we all want so you must learn how to embody non-resistance. “Nothing can be forced. Receptivity is everything.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar, World’s Leading Yoga...

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Synchronicity Is God Winking

Synchronicity means The Divine is looking out for you. On Christmas Day a 33-year-old man fell off a cliff and died while he was looking at his phone. He was just walking! When I heard about it I knew it was a message for me. 33 is my number. It’s my numerology path;...

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Two Healthy People Equals One Healthy Relationship

Two healthy people equals one healthy relationship. A relationship can only be as healthy & loving as the people in it. People in healthy relationships have healthy boundaries. Here’s how you can improve your boundaries. First, respect people’s personal space as...

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