Internal Torment Equals Other People

Heather Hans French philosopher John Paul Sartre said, “Hell is other people.”  Isn’t that the truth?!  Hell is other people!  What upsets you more than anything in this world?  Usually somehow, some way it can be traced back to other people. What I have found is...

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If You Are Serious About Healing, Befriend the Darkness

Heather Hans If you are serious about healing, you MUST befriend the darkness! The darkness is the unknown part of our personality, the unknown part of the world that we fear the most. Life is whole.  It is not one-sided.  It is not either or.  It is whole, and if we...

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What is your body telling you?

Heather Hans What is your body telling you? Our body, our physical body, is one of the most brilliant tools we will ever own.  Our bodies give us clues.  Our bodies take care of us.  When you get sick that is your body taking care of you.  It’s sending you a message....

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There is So Much Love in this World

Heather Hans Open your heart to the blessings in your life. There is so much love in this world that I can hardly contain it. God’s grace is nothing short of miraculous. The media is insane to only show the tragedies and horrors of life.  Those tragedies and horrors...

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Hug a Teddy

Heather Hans When was the last time you hugged a teddy?  I don’t mean a sexy teddy! A teddy bear, a stuffy. My son said to me one time, I love hugging my stuffed animal because it makes me feel like I’m not alone.  Children are genius.  They are incredibly resourceful...

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Smell Good – We are Animals After All

Heather Hans Have you ever been offended by someone’s odor?  Have you ever offended someone else with your odor? My work is about humanity and serving people.  When it comes down to it the world revolves around people and relationships, and while there are many...

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