Why Are There Dark Souls?

Heather Hans Have you ever wondered why there are dark souls in this life?  I don’t think there’s anything that has disturbed me more than when I see the dark side of humanity.  Those dark souls that appear to have no soul.  Those people who don’t experience love, and...

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Certainty Attracts

Heather Hans What are you certain about in life?  What are you certain about in life, in general, and in your life specifically?  People say there’s two certainties, death and taxes.  They fail to see that there’s also the certainty of life that life keeps going on....

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What’s Your Default?

Heather Hans What’s your default in life?  What I mean by that is, what is the attitude that you fall back on most of the time? Recently I went for a run and stopped and talked to one of the police officers who was blocking traffic because of the flood we've had in...

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Do It Your Way!

Heather Hans When you make a recipe do you follow it to a T, or do you add and subtract according to how creative you’re feeling in the moment? How about in life? One time, when I was running a substance abuse prevention program for our local school district, I was...

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Heather Hans How often do you regret something from the past, and what kind of regrets do you have?  Are you remorseful?  Do you regret things often? Regret leads to suffering, and here’s why. When we regret, we look backwards at the past, which is done and over, and...

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Nice is Normal

Heather Hans True or false?  In a relationship you are to be treated kindly, respectfully, lovingly, like a king or a queen, like a prince or a princess.  True or false?  True! If you are treated any way but nice, that is NOT NORMAL. Most people with low self-esteem...

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