Born Gay #Inspiration

I was so happy at birth and it was a joyous occasion, so they say, that my parents named me Heather Gay. But then I became a gothic teen and changed my name from Gay to Gray. I grew up when it was cool to be depressed, sarcastic, and pessimistic. Hey, I’m Gen X. Poor...

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The Relationship Honeymoon Period

Honeymoon is the bliss of a new situation driven by a temporary surge of hormones. Any type of new situation or idea can have a honeymoon period. It’s crucial to realize that, just like a drug, it’s a temporary high. Pay especially close attention in romantic...

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From Anxiety to Love

Souls are here to help other souls. Birth, life, and death are all here to help other people. Tension in life gives your soul, your love, the opportunity to grow. There should be tension as your soul grows. There’s always tension before a loving climax. God is about...

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I Have A Love Dream

I’m happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest video for love in the history of our world. At some point in this thing called time, life was created; filled with wonders for our enjoyment and delight. This world was made as a gift of...

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Relationship Projections

It’s been said that people never love other people. They love themselves through other people. Likewise, people don’t hate other people. They hate themselves through other folks. Everyone projects their light and darkness onto others. Often when we appreciate...

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Sex, Love & Bonding

What creates good relationships that leads to good sex? Emotional attunement between partners. When your loved one is consistently responsive to you, it creates safety and trust. When they’re not responsive, it creates anxiety and it limits your growth as a couple and...

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