Here’s Why You Are Already Enlightened!

Heather Hans Enlightenment! Are you trying to achieve enlightenment?  What is enlightenment anyway? Enlightenment is defined as being free from ignorance and misinformation.  Let’s take a moment to explore this idea as well as the search or quest for enlightenment...

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Here’s a quick way to rise to the top!

Heather Hans Who in your life has encouraged you to grow?  Who comes to mind when I ask you to tell me about a person who has brought you new growth or helped you achieve something great?  What quality in them do you think it is that did that? Encouragement Leads to...

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Rewrite Your Life Story and Get the Script You Want

Heather Hans If I were to ask you to tell me your life story how would it go? Each of us has a story in our mind.  Regardless of whether you have shared it with someone or not, you have a story of your life.  That is because we as humans frame our lives in stories. ...

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Increase Your Energy – The Law of Least Resistance

Heather Hans Would you say that you operate at a high level of energy most days?  Most of us would like a bump every now and then.  If you’d like to increase your energy one of the best ways is to do that is to live through the principle of the Law of Least...

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