Power Comes from Clarity

Power comes from clarity, knowing the bulls eye you want to reach. You get what you want by knowing what you want. Wise, old souls know what they want. We all have The Force within us. For some, like Anakin Skywalker of Star Wars, the force gets misused. Others...

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Are You In Check?

You want to know the real secret to success?  It is love and connection. Nothing else really matters much in this life. In the game of life, a King without a Queen is vulnerable and defenseless.  A Queen without a King has no purpose.  The King is the most important...

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Creating Friendly Relationships

  It's a beautiful day for relationships, a beautiful day for relating, let's create peace!  Let's create love!  It's a beautiful day to heal all your stressful situations.  Come and see how!  Oh, come and see why!  Let me tell you my story! Hello, Dear One....

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Stress Dumbs You Down

I am sure you have heard that stress is no good for your body.  Most people in this day and age know that stress causes all varieties of problems. Stress impairs your immune system. The immune system protects your body from foreign substances.  Once stress impairs the...

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Are You Patient Enough for Success?

“Some days you whips the bear, and some days the bear whips you.”  Do you ever feel like you’re moving along towards success, but you’re not reaching your goal?  Do you ever feel like giving up?  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.  Maybe there are those few people out...

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Gentleness: The Way to Receiving

Are you harsh or are you gentle in the way that you treat others? What about in the way you treat yourself? Gentleness, actually, is the best way of getting what you want in life, yet many people are very harsh with themselves. Their internal dialog is unforgiving and...

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