Connecting with the Divine

Eye Of The East Coast Heather joins Kelliena Smith in this interview about her role as an angel here to help people see themselves and the world through a Divine lens. Heather Hans is in this world but not of it. She is a living ANGEL who chose to enter the physical...

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How Confidence Brings Undying Passion

Unleash Your Sparkle with Sherri Nickols Heather joins Sherri Nickols in this virtual event designed to help you enjoy a more fun-filled passionate life.  Heather is a healing visionary, psychotherapist, intuitive coach, and an author who, with her book The Heart of...

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Post Podcast: The Heart of Self-Love

JenningsWire Heather Hans is a licensed social worker, psychotherapist, intuitive coach, law of attraction practitioner, and holistic healer who uses her 20 years of experience in holistic healing, spiritual studies, and goal achievement in her newly released...

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Letting Go of Unworthiness in Preparation of True Love

Ready for the Right Guy with Michelle Marchant Johnson Heather joins Michelle of Love Life Coaching in the Ready for the Right Guy telesummit in guiding listeners to meet and attract their own right guy! Heather, mystical healer of the heart, mind, body, and soul,...

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How One Person Can Change the World

Super Change Your Life Hi.  This is Stanley Bronstein the founder of  Welcome to another in our ongoing series of interviews titled, "How One Person Can Change the World."  In this series, we’re interviewing people who have not only taken...

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The Heart of Self-Love

ehealth radio network I believe that education is very powerful, and the more aware we become of the nature of life and of our own nature, the more powerful we become. Heather Hans, a mystical healer of loving energy for the heart, mind, body and soul and author of...

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How to Create Healthy Relationships that Last

ehealth radio network Everything boils down to relationships; our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with something greater than ourselves, and our relationships with other people and other living beings.  Research shows that loneliness affects people on a...

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