The Importance of Relationship Building in the Workplace

Corporate Talk Radio with Charlie & Eva   Heather Hans joins Charlie & Eva of Corporate Talk Radio to discuss having empathy for yourself and others, keeping the faith in adverse situations, and building stronger relationships in life, specifically in the...

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Stopping Substance Abuse in Adolescents

Preferred Company Radio By Marianne Levy & David Crossan In this episode of Preferred Radio, Heather Hans joins Marianne Levy & David Crossan to discuss Attachment Theory, substance abuse, and how a guardian’s heightened attunement to their child’s emotional...

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Are You Motivated By Pain or Pleasure?

Consciously Speaking By Michael Neeley In this topical content episode, Heather Hans (Episodes 11, 24, 100, & 122) joins Michael Neeley to delve into the topic of pain and pleasure. We'll dig into motivational factors that have, as their root, the avoidance of...

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Tapping Into Your Courage

Consciously Speaking By Michael Neeley In this topical content episode, Heather Hans (Season 1, Episode 11 & Episode 24) joins Michael Neeley in discussing how to feel your fear and and take action.  Listen here: Tapping Into Your Courage 06-09-2015 Heather Hans,...

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Ideal Relationship Guided Meditation

Consciously Speaking By Michael Neeley Today’s guided meditation will be led by Heather Hans (Season 1, Episode 11 & Episode 24). It is designed to open you up to your ideal relationship whether it is the one you’re in or the one you desire. Listen here: Ideal...

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Connecting with the Divine

Eye Of The East Coast Heather joins Kelliena Smith in this interview about her role as an angel here to help people see themselves and the world through a Divine lens. Heather Hans is in this world but not of it. She is a living ANGEL who chose to enter the physical...

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How Confidence Brings Undying Passion

Unleash Your Sparkle with Sherri Nickols Heather joins Sherri Nickols in this virtual event designed to help you enjoy a more fun-filled passionate life.  Heather is a healing visionary, psychotherapist, intuitive coach, and an author who, with her book The Heart of...

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